Our Story

Metro Park Neighborhood Association (MPNA) is a group of neighbors who have come together to build community and improve our neighborhood.

We formed in mid-2019. 

Four years has gone by fast!

So what have we been up to? 

Here's a little history.

Metro Park: Our Neighborhood

Our Metro Park is the neighborhood directly Northwest from Downtown OKC.

Getting Off the Ground

The idea to form a neighborhood association came up in 2018. A small group formed, and then we went around annoying all our neighbors to join. ;p

That's only about half true.

It is 100% true that we couldn't have made MPNA happen without the help of Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma (NACOK), and particularly the leadership of Georgie Rasco. NACOK provided us the training and support that guided us through the process of holding our first meetings, setting up our Bylaws and countless other small details that it took to get us off the ground. We can't thank them enough.

We think of MPNA's official beginning as May 2019, when we held our first meeting that ended up being held on the sidewalk in front of Sunbeam Family Services

There was a tornado warning that day, and the Sunbeam staff got sent home early – so we couldn't get in the building. We stayed calm and carried on... with a sidewalk meeting.

Christina made this sign with TLC to let everyone know what room we were meeting in. Turns out we didn't need it. The Oklahoma Weather had its own plans.

Our Brand

From the jump we wanted a logo for MPNA to give us a visual marker to identify our new group and to take us the next step toward our goal of getting sign toppers for the neighborhood.

It turns out our neighbor Brent Whitsett is in the business of visual design. He generously donated hours of work drafting a pair of professional branding package proposals that he presented to the Members for a vote at our August 2019 meeting.

We chose the mint and orange. Sherbet vibes! 🍨

First Events

In Fall 2019, we held our first two events.

Litter Blitz

First a massive Litter Blitz event in co-operation with Fertile Ground Cooperative, the City of OKC and The Homeless Alliance. 

The Powerful Litter Blitz Crew.

Neighbors Night Out

We followed up it up with our first Neighbors Night Out Event at Highley Park.

Award Winners!

We won this OG&E Award. Christina should write a couple sentences about it... this was our initial sign topper money.


We got started... not knowing what was coming.

Adopt a Street

Feb – we officially adopted Linwood.

March – had our first Linwood Cleanup.

Mid-March... the world ended.

March 27th – we get the SNI Grant

Coming Back

August – Food Pantry starts back.

September – Sign Toppers.

Keeping Clean

Oct – Linwood Cleanup, Tire Wrangle, Annual Meeting with Tacos!