Our newsletter is called MPNA News.

It's on Substack at metroparkokc.substack.com.

Substack is an awesome free tool that allows you to subscribe to receive email newsletters.

We've set up MPNA News with three different newsfeeds so that you can adjust the degree of frequency and detail of news you'd like to receive.

The MPNA News newsfeeds are:

Each one of these is a separate content feed that you can administer separately. That is, you can subscribe to one, two or all three at your discretion. You're always 100% in control of what you're subscribed to.

How to Subscribe


If it's your first time visiting the site, this welcome screen will appear.


Enter your email and select "Subscribe".

After you select subscribe, you will see this box notifying you that a confirmation email has been sent you. You have to confirm before you're successfully subscribed.

If you would rather move forward and read MPNA News on the web without subscribing, select "No thanks" at the bottom.


Confirm your subscription.

Go to your email inbox and find an email just sent to you from MPNA News with the Subject "Please confirm your subscription".

Open the email, and then select the  purple "Confirm Subscription" button.

You're Done!

Your Substack Account

After you select the purple "Confirm subscription" button, in addition to confirming your subscription to MPNA News, you've also created your own free Substack account. 

In order to keep receiving posts from MPNA you never need to login, but it is helpful to understand that you do have an Substack account that you can log into and change your settings, subscribe, unsubscribe and so on.

Substack is a massive platform for independent publications. There are so many awesome humans writing on Substack. You should explore and subscribe to other "Substacks" (i.e. newsletters). Some have premium content. Most are totally free. 

Think of your "weirdest" interest... there are probably multiple people out there writing about it. 

You Can Change Your Subscription Settings

The great thing about having a personal Substack account is that you can adjust your notification settings just like you want.

For example, suppose you decide you want to stop receiving every MPNA News post individually, and instead just want to receive the Monthly Update and the Annual Update. In that case, you can go to your Substack account settings and make it happen. 

Step #1

Go to metropark.substack.com

The Metro Park News home page is at metropark.substack.com

This explanation will use screenshots from a phone. Know that everything works exactly the same on a computer as on a phone.

Go to your Settings

Select the menu icon at the top-right of the screen, and then select "Settings" from the menu.