MPNA Calendar

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Subscribe to the MPNA Google Calendar

But this calendar looks horrible on my phone!

If you're trying to read this calendar on your phone, you probably feel like you're back in 2009-2010 (or whenever you got your first smart phone). It looks clunky and you can't even read the events on the screen. Not good.

The good news is that there is a better way... a much much better way.

This looks bad.

An App is Better

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, or work from your phone or computer, Google Calendar or some other compatible calendar app is the way to go. 

You'll be able to read more and do more with it.

This is better.

You're Gonna Love This

By subscribing to the MPNA Google Calendar, not only do you dramatically improve its usability on your phone (as well as computer, tablet, etc), you also improve the "convenience factor". 

You won't have to go to every time you need to get info on MPNA events. It will all be there on the same calendar app you use to keep up with everything else going on in your life.

And when new events and info are posted they will automatically update to your devices.


Google Calendar App (computer)

Getting Started

The following directions are for those who use the Google Calendar app. There are many other awesome calendar apps that are compatible with our Google Calendar. If you run into trouble, just ask a neighbor for some help. 

That's what neighbors are for. 


Make sure you're logged into your Google Account

Whether on your phone, computer or tablet – make sure you're logged into the Google Account connected to the Google Calendar you regularly use.

If you're on your phone, also make sure you've downloaded and installed the Google Calendar app.


Click the Calendar Share Link

Click Here.


Select "Add"

A box should appear asking you whether you would like to add the calendar to your Google Calendar app. Select "Add".

You're Done!

Double Check That It Worked

On the App on Your Phone

Open the Google Calendar App

Then open the main menu by selecting the three horizontal line icon at the top-left of the screen.

On Your Computer

Find the calendar "MPNA" in the left panel.

After you select "Add" you should see the calendar "MPNA" in the left column of your Google Calendar app.

Above is the online version of the app for your computer.

Select the checkbox on the left to toggle on/off the visibility of MPNA events.

Change the Settings 

If you want to change the settings (like the color), hover the mouse over the "MPNA" and click the three vertical dots.

Select either your new color or "Settings" for more options.

The Settings page

The Setting page offers many options including the option to unsubscribe.