MPNA Telegram Group Texting

What is Telegram?

Telegram is text messaging app along the lines of WhatsApp.

Telegram is used primarily on your phone, but can also be used on your computer.

Why use Telegram?

Telegram Groups

The primary advantage of using Telegram is its group text messaging feature that allows you to easily join and leave group chats.

For example, to join the MPNA Linwood Cleanup group chat, all you need to do is download and setup Telegram on your phone, and then select this link:

That's it.

For more groups see below.


We're over 15 years into the smart phone era and there are still big problems with group text messaging compatibility between iPhones and Android phones. By using Telegram we avoid all these problems.

Muting Notifications

Sometimes you want to join a group, but you don't want your phone to chime every time there is a new message. To turn off the chime you can "Mute" the group. 

Then select how long you want to it to last.

Telegram Groups

Currently, MPNA has two public groups chats:

MPNA Member Meetings

Join this text group to stay up-to-date on meetings and related activity.

You can join the group with the link

MPNA Linwood Cleanup Group

Join this text group to get involved with our regular Linwood Cleanups.

You can join the group with the link

To learn more about how to use Telegram 

Learn More About Telegram

Maybe you want to create your own Telegram group or channel.

To learn more, visit the Telegram FAQ page.